CNSI and Kepro are now “Acentra Health”

The newly merged company combines clinical services, technology solutions and data analytics to accelerate better healthcare outcomes

MCLEAN, Va., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With more than six decades of combined experience, CNSI, a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions, and Kepro, a leading provider of technology-based care management, quality oversight and clinical assessment services, have announced today the merger of the organization has been renamed Acentra Health. The announcement follows the CNSI-Kepro merger, which was completed in December 2022.

“Our new company name and branding represent a new era and a new transformative society,” said the chief executive officer of Acentra Health, Todd Stottlemyer. “Acentra Health brings together a deep collective of expertise across all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem that is unmatched in our industry today. Our team of business and technology experts, qualified physicians, and highly talented healthcare professionals work together to help partners state and federal governments lead the way in accelerating better health outcomes for priority populations.”

The name Acentra Health is derived from the root words “accelerate” and “central”, reflecting the company’s uncompromising determination to be a vital partner to public sector healthcare agencies in providing comprehensive healthcare solutions and services, with “Health” as central activity focus. The logo is designed to express collaboration, innovation and excellence, with the arched cross of the ‘A’ symbolizing partnership, compassion and acceleration as Acentra Health innovates solutions to improve outcomes, deliver better care, improve quality and reduce costs. Likewise, the vibrant colors chosen to represent Acentra Health capture the organization’s agile execution and passion for problem solving.

Acentra Health’s mission is to continually innovate solutions that deliver maximum value and impact to the healthcare delivery system. Its power lies in the marriage of the development of advanced complaints, meeting and provider solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings with high quality care management, quality oversight and clinical evaluation capabilities. Leveraging rich provider, beneficiary, and plan member datasets, claims and encounters, and social determinants of health, Acentra Health turns insights into action by bridging the gaps that exist between technology providers, policy advisors, and clinicians.

“Our holistic approach to health care enables greater data connectivity and information transparency across populations and programs,” he said Megan Harris, President and Chief Operations Officer of Acentra Health. “Together with our partners, we are moving beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare to deliver solutions and services that meet the diverse needs of the priority populations served by our customers. We are also helping to evolve the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) market into a market that is clinically driven.”

Acentra Health serves clients in all 50 states, partnering with 45 state Medicaid agencies and five federal agencies. That kind of impact requires the hard work and dedication of the company’s 3,000 employees and more than 4,500 accredited physicians, in addition to the 450 physicians who serve on its review and advisory board. Acentra Health’s solutions and services impact more than 140 million beneficiaries and improve payments and service delivery to millions of medical and social care providers, hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes. The firm manages and processes over 1.5 billion claims, meetings and disbursements 26 billion dollars in annual payments.

For information about Acentra Health, including a new corporate video and organization history, visit A new full website will be launched later this summer. For more information about CNSI and Kepro, visit and, respectively.

About Acentra Health

Acentra Health, formed in 2023 from the merger of industry leaders CNSI and Kepro, combines public sector insights, clinical expertise, and technological ingenuity to modernize the healthcare experience for state and federal partners and their priority populations. From designing and developing advanced complaints, meeting and provider solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings, to delivering clinic-centric service models for care management and quality oversight, Acentra Health is accelerating the best results. Acentra Health is backed by Carlyle (NASDAQ:CG), a global investment firm.

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