Do you eat your fruit badly? Avoid these mistakes for maximum health benefits

From juicing fruit to eating it as a nighttime snack, find out why these common practices aren’t the healthiest.

Are you guilty of eating fruit in these ways? (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Rich in various nutrients, fruits are an essential part of a balanced diet and provide multiple health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and cholesterol and maintain a healthy body weight. But did you know that the way you consume fruits affects their absorption in the body? Neha Ranglani, an integrated health coach, took to Instagram to address the issue and suggest the right way to eat fruit for maximum health benefits.

According to the expert, our ancestors lacked a variety of foods, and hence the way they ate them fruit he was different. They ate fruit for breakfast or between meals, Neha wrote in her Instagram post.

The expert listed the following strange ways in which we consume fruits that do not allow us to obtain the maximum benefits.


According to the expert, milk and fruit have different nutrient compositions and the time required for their digestion is also different. Fruits are digested faster than milk, and when we mix them, we actually allow the fruit sugar to ferment in the intestines leading to gas, swellingand other gut-related problems. Sorry to say your favorite fruity smoothie may be slow poison for your body, Neha said in her post.

As a dessert or with meals

You must have seen people eating fruit as a dessert or along with a meal, but according to Neha, it’s not a healthy habit; will only increase the load of sugar on your body and convert it faster into fat, which then stays longer in the intestines, creating new bowel-related problems. Advising people who like to eat mangoes after meals, Neha suggested eating mangoes at a different time to reap the full benefits.

Late night snack

Those who think eating fruit to satiate late-night cravings is healthy should know that it’s not. According to Neha, your body doesn’t need the sugars in fruit at night because you’re not active. All your body wants at night is rest and repair and do not process any food. The sugars from fruit will only be stored in your body as fat, and I’m sure you don’t want that, Neha said.


Considering it healthy, people prefer to have juice for convenience. However, fruit and juice are not the same thing. While fruit is a healthy food, full of nutrients and fiber, fruit juice is completely deprived of the most important component of the fruit, which is fiber. Without the fiber, the fruit sugar is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and is absorbed liver and this excess sugar is then converted into fat, Neha said.

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First published on: 2023-06-03 at 09:10 CEST

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