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Flex Wheeler, a 90s bodybuilding icon, still represents the sport with class today. In a recent The podcast of menace with Dennis James, Wheeler laid out his 1993 steroid cycle and discussed whether or not he used diuretics and growth hormones throughout his career.

During a tenure that spanned over 20 years, Wheeler traveled the world as a bodybuilder and showcased a stunning physique with round muscular bellies and exceptional conditioning. He paved the way for future pros by sharing the stage with greats like eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Chris Cormier and Kevin Levrone. Before calling it a career, Wheeler won four Arnold Classic titles and finished in the top two at the Mr. Olympia three times.

However, Wheeler would face adversity following his retirement. He has struggled with a series of health issues and injuries, which often saw him stuck in a hospital. In 2019, tragedy struck when a medical emergency resulted in the amputation of his leg. While Flex has persevered since the surgery, the 57-year-old has been candid about his recently declining health.

Last year, Wheeler told Dennis James that his kidney transplants since 2003 were starting to show signs of failure. Despite the difficulties, Wheeler remained committed. He recently accepted a Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award in March. Now he’s back to discuss one of his first cycles with Dennis James and company.

Flex Wheeler talks 1993 cycle, diuretics – claims he didn’t know he was on “5:1 anabolic vs androgenic”

As for contest prep, Wheeler said he introduced two diuretics: Aldactone and Dyazide on the Wednesday before a respective event.

“I followed my own regimen then, it was 100 milligrams a day of Dactone, including the 25 milligrams of Diazide that was there. What is it, 150 milligrams. Only the last three days [before a show] since Wednesday.”

Wheeler said his 1993 cycle consisted of Deca, Winstrol IV and tablets, Anavar and testosterone propionate.

“Charles never knew more about diuretics and diets than I did. He has never written a cycle. He’s never done anything like that for me,” Wheeler added. I have it all written down. Even after I retired, I had these books that I use to write all the time throughout my cycle. Someone threatened to break into my house and steal it .

1993, if I remember correctly, 800 milligrams of deca a week, 600 milligrams of Winstrol, I think 100 milligrams a day of Winstrol tab,” Wheeler said. “I think it was something like 30 milligrams of Anavar. I think back then my go- to be like testosterone propionate.That was pretty much it.

“He and I were really close, he was super cool, he was always like, ‘Damn Flex, why are you always running these candy?’ You are not using androgens, you are only using anabolics. You’re like 5:1 with anabolic versus androgenic. I did not understand. I knew it.

Again, Wheeler said he used Lasix and Aldactone but sometimes switched to Aldactazide to dry out his physique.

“What did I get, nothing. It’s just that my body was fighting against me. Like I said, man, I won’t say how much diuretics and Lasix I took in 1998 and 1999, but I haven’t been able to get into good condition yet,” Wheeler added. “It wasn’t diuretics again. My body and kidneys were failing. I think I took, I don’t even remember the amount.

My benchmark, and this was a big mistake at the time, even as diet diuretics started to change, I always stuck with what I knew. I have always taken off Aldactone and then switched to Aldactazide. That was the point of reference then. I knew it. Remember, diuretics stole your water back then. You would just take a little and be torn apart.

While Flex Wheeler thought he was getting too much GH, he said it was less than bodybuilders use today.

“GH, do you know how much GH I was taking? I thought I was crazy, IU every other day,” Wheeler said. “Listen, people didn’t take big amounts back then and if they did, they wouldn’t tell us. I know the name of a pro bodybuilder, he had his own clothing line That was the first time I’ve heard of anyone taking 10 IU a day. If you don’t believe me, call Paul Dillett.”

Wheeler talks about “reward meals” instead of cheat meals and eating french fries while prepping

Initially, Wheeler said his bodybuilding diet in 1993 consisted mostly of eating out at Sizzler or Firehouse. He added that he was able to eat french fries during the preparation until, finally, his body allowed him to “get away with it.”

“I’ve talked about worse, haven’t I? Yeah, 1993, I don’t think I cheated in ’93. You have to understand my diet. Even in 1993, I ate my breakfast at the firehouse, right? So, my next five meals were eating at Sizzler. Perhaps [cheeseburgers in 1997] I used to eat french fries, so I ate french fries until I left for the Arnold Classic, fries and ketchup.

The point is, we now understand that we need a little more fat. The second thing is I was always so fit, right, now, right, we used to call it cheating then but no, it’s called reward food,” said Flex Wheeler.

“I figured if I could get away with it and it made me look better then I wouldn’t look bad at it. The truth is, the truth is, it wasn’t until about 1998 that I think my kidneys really started failing and I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t help it anymore. And it wasn’t that, it was the diuretics.

As they fought on stage, many saw Wheeler winning Mr. Olympia as a foregone conclusion. However, he has never been able to match Ronnie Coleman’s size. Since then, Wheeler has taken it upon himself to warn today’s competitors not to chase size unnecessarily.

Wheeler was a consummate professional. Despite his competitive nature, he was open to helping others and actually introduced Coleman to his longtime coach Chad Nicholls. To this day, Ronnie has said that if it weren’t for Flex Wheeler, he would never have won his first Mr. Olympia competition.

Bodybuilding cycles have become a very popular topic in the fitness community lately. Just a few weeks ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down to discuss the two compound steroid cycle he has been using during his Mr. Olympia reign. While some found this surprising, Schwarzenegger shared that he only used deca (nandrolone decanoate) and testosterone.

Wheeler’s insight into steroids makes for some interesting conversations. Given his experience, he continues to serve as a valuable resource for emerging talent in the IFBB Pro League.

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