Kim’s trainer Ks Senada Greca shows her strength in a green bikini

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim Kardashianis shocking his 4.2 million Instagram followers with his main force!

The Zentoa founder wore a neon green thong bikini as she showed her followers how to do the basic Dragon Flag exercise hanging from a wooden beam on her outdoor porch!

Kim Kardashian’s Fitness Instructor Senada Greca Shows Off Her Core Strength In A Green Thong Bikini

The popular fitness trainer has compiled an Instagram post filled with variations of the dragon flag challenge. He wears a blue bikini top with a green thong bikini bottom to allow for a full range of motion as he led his followers through twists, bent legs, and fluttering kicks.

When we shift our perspective from working out to taking care of myself, body and mind, your will will come forward even on days when you don’t feel like doing anything, she wrote in the caption. Get this one earthly vehicle, our one real home, our one body. Let’s take care of it!

Senada Greca performs the Dragon Flag challenge in a bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

Okay, we get it, these are the exercises that super ninjas do to keep fit, but even us regular people can get a workout schedule, commented one fan. Hey love. For all levels, see the link in my bio, Senada replied, referring to her Crush It app. What kind of diet do you follow… you are the picture of health, another follower asked. Senada has once again directed them to the meal plan in his Crush It app.

Your tremors show me how human you are even if that’s all it shows! Really splendid! That’s YEARS of hard work right there, another fan commented. Just gorgeous legs and abs, said another follower. Your body is immaculate! Amazing, another fan shared. Girlsrrrrllll!!!! That’s the definition of strength, another follower chimed in.

Senada eats well enough to sustain his fit physique!

In another Instagram video set to Taylor Swift’s Karma remix with Ice Spice, the fitness instructor showed her followers how to make a healthy dinner recipe: Chicken Avocado Mash Stuffed Peppers. Senada begins the video by taking a big bite of the bell pepper and saying, “Wow, before he cuts off as she prepares her meal.”

After cutting the avocado, add onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lemon juice and chopped chicken to a bowl and mix all the ingredients. He just adds salt and pepper before adding the mash inside the raw peppers and taking a bite.

When I first made this recipe, my jaw dropped. Delicious, refreshing and the macros are just too good. And every person who made this recipe loved it, he wrote in the caption, calling the recipe too good and too easy to make.

Senada Greca shares a cooking recipe with her followers
Instagram | Greek Senada

I can’t digest pepper very well, I eat one and complete digestion in about a month. Good way to lose weight, though, shared one fan. You can use lettuce cups instead, Senada replied. She’ll probably roast the peppers first and then stuff them with the ingredients, wrote another follower. You can for sure, but the crunch and sweetness of the fresh yellow peppers go really well with the flavor of the blend, Senada explained.

Another fan had some advice on how to handle avocado. Be careful with the knife when you extract the avocado stone! I cut myself doing this, they wrote. An alternative way is to place the half avocado with the pit in your hand and simply squeeze and the pit will fall out. Much safer!!

Senada Greca starts coaching Kim Kardashian in January 2023
Instagram | Greek Senada

Other followers had other suggestions on how to make the recipe yourself. It looks so cool. I can make some with mushrooms to replace the chicken, shared a fan. Absolutely. Great idea, replied Senada. Do you eat bread? Thank you so much for this recipe!! asked another follower. Sure. Croissants are my weakness, Senada confessed.

Interested in more Greek Senada content? In another Instagram post, she revealed how much she weighs and how tall she is as she shows off her muscular build in a black bikini! Fans can watch that video by clicking here!

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