Black excellence is harming our mental well-being and it’s time to end this health crisis

black excellence

At an early age, Black children are indoctrinated with the mantra of being twice as good at getting half of what they have. It’s in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the handprint on our souls. Though I don’t recall being specifically told I had to be twice as good as … Read more

Kim’s trainer Ks Senada Greca in black bikini reveals her weight

Senada Greca poses in a black bikini

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim Kardashianshe’s candid and honest about her weight with her 4.2 million Instagram followers! The Zentoa founder posed in a black bikini while sharing her height and weight, letting fans know she feels strong and confident in her skin, even though she’s above the weight she might have expected at … Read more

Benefits of Black Pepper: Exploration of Scientific Facts

Black pepper is good for health

Black pepper, renowned for its distinctive flavor and aroma, is also a treasure trove of scientifically backed health benefits. In this article, we will unravel the remarkable benefits of black pepper and delve into the wealth of research surrounding its various benefits. Scientific investigations have revealed that black pepper benefits the digestive system by stimulating … Read more