I’m a dietitian and mom and I add avocados to my family’s meals every single day Here’s why

I'm a dietitian and mom and I add avocados to my family's meals every single day Here's why

Stor have you noticed that food prices are going up these days (er, what else is new). And you probably noted that this includes all things nutritious. Prioritizing your health can feel like a heavy investment, and it can be tricky to navigate what’s worth the splurge (and set some attainable summer wellness goals while … Read more

How to Keep Your Family’s Medical Benefits – California Health Care Foundation

Med-Cal renewal papers spread out on a table.

A Medi-Cal renewal form can be difficult to understand, especially for people who primarily speak a language other than English. Typical forms include 15 or more pages of questions about living household members, tax return status, income, health coverage, and financial assets. Photo: Claudia Boyd-Barrett This story originally appeared in the California Health Report and … Read more