Anxious about AI? You are not alone. Here’s what therapists recommend.

Anxious about AI?  You are not alone.  Here's what therapists recommend.

With AI systems evolving rapidly, it’s not uncommon to feel anxious about the development of technology and how it affects our work. According to a Forbes advisory survey, 77% of people fear AI will cause job losses in the next year as companies are looking to boost overall productivity. Even if AI hasn’t been implemented … Read more

Magnetotherapy for depression is available on the NHS, here’s how it works

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Magnets to cure depression? It may seem strange but this treatment is now available on the NHS. It’s called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. For people who have tried antidepressants but it didn’t work, TMS may be offered. It involves zapping areas of the brain associated with depression with pulsating magnetic fields. Treatment usually involves … Read more

“I halved my daily step goal from 12k to 6k, here’s what it taught me”


How many of you aim for 10k steps a day? And how many of you know where this “gold” number actually comes from? Probably not that many of you, right? The 10k-step myth was originally a marketing tool, dating back to 1965, when a Japanese company made a device called the Manpo-Kei, which translates as … Read more

I’m a dietitian and mom and I add avocados to my family’s meals every single day Here’s why

I'm a dietitian and mom and I add avocados to my family's meals every single day Here's why

Stor have you noticed that food prices are going up these days (er, what else is new). And you probably noted that this includes all things nutritious. Prioritizing your health can feel like a heavy investment, and it can be tricky to navigate what’s worth the splurge (and set some attainable summer wellness goals while … Read more

Employees are delaying health care. Here’s how employers can help

Employees are delaying health care.  Here's how employers can help

Dozens of employees are missing out on or delaying necessary preventive and medical care, which is a major problem for employers. More than half of employees (58%) have delayed getting needed medical care due to insurance costs or barriers, according to a new analysis by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), an Oakland-based nonprofit research organization. … Read more

Summer temperatures are back. Here’s how to boost your hydration for the whole family

Summer temperatures are back.  Here's how to boost your hydration for the whole family

With the return of warmer temperatures to Greater Cincinnati, people, including yourself, may be reaching for that bottle of water more often to stay hydrated. it can help hold fluids in in a positive way and help you stay hydrated longer. WLWT spoke to Registered Dietitian Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar. Runs Integrative Nutrition and Healing in … Read more

Here’s what happened when I tried the “quick tap” to help manifest many things (including good skin)

Here's what happened when I tried the "quick tap" to help manifest many things (including good skin)

dThe word manifest makes you think of mood boards, mantras and The secret? Well, same until recently when I had the chance to meet Poppy Delbridge, author of Tapping In: Manifest the life you desire with the transformative power of tappingand was fascinated by the rapid tapping method he had devised for the demonstration. Blending … Read more

I’m an RD who finds the concept of meal prep fussy and stressful. Here’s what really works for me

I'm an RD who finds the concept of meal prep fussy and stressful. Here's what really works for me

Meal prep is a hands-on practice for so many looking to improve their health and focus on nutrition. In fact, #kitchenrestock has over 460 million views on TikTok. It’s strangely satisfying to see influencers cleaning, prepping, organizing, and stocking their kitchens. Sparkling waters perfectly lined up, clear containers overflowing with pre-washed berries, fresh herbs sitting … Read more

Here’s how and why you should set up cardio on your Apple Watch and iPhone

How to set up Cardio Fitness on Apple Watch and iPhone

One of the valuable and lesser-known health features of the Apple Watch is cardio fitness. The measurement is based on your VO2 maximum that Apple Watch can estimate when recording three specific workouts. Follow along to learn how to use cardio on Apple Watch and iPhone, including why it’s important, how to set it up, … Read more

Up to 10% of fathers suffer from postnatal depression. Here’s what they can do

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Many people think of postnatal depression as a condition that affects only women. But in reality, postnatal depression affects nearly as many men as women with some research estimating it occurs in up to 10 percent of fathers. Yet despite how common postnatal depression may be in men, there’s still not a lot of information … Read more