Everything to know about Hollywood Ozempic’s skinny jab

Today - TOD - Chelsea Handler is touring Australia for her stand up shows, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

Ozempic, branded Hollywood skinny jab, continues to make headlines as celebrities and influencers admit to using the wildly popular drug for weight loss. While weight-loss drugs aren’t new, semaglutide has begun to gain attention over the past year, as demand soared and resulted in a global shortage. Semaglutide is labeled as two separate drugs Ozempic … Read more

Harvard Nutritionist: 4 Toxic Food Ingredients That ‘Actually Make You Hungrier’ and ‘Hijack Your Brain’ Eat This Instead

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Unbeknownst to many people, the foods we buy contain many lurking toxic additives. That means they’ve been altered in ways that actually make you hungrier and hijack your brain to make your emotional eating habits worse. As a Harvard-trained nutritionist, I always remind people to read food labels. Of course, you don’t need to completely … Read more