As suicides rise in southeast Minnesota, mental health specialists seek to promote a message of hope

A smiling woman.

ROCHESTER Before becoming a suicide prevention coordinator, Josh Jensen was a teenager who struggled with depression, feelings of hopelessness, and traumatic conditions that he now helps others struggle through as a mobile crisis supervisor. As a child, Jensen was raised in a tumultuous home by a mother who suffered a head injury in her teens. … Read more

Trans inmate wins health care and will move to women’s prison after suing Minnesota

Trans inmate wins health care and will move to women's prison after suing Minnesota

Christina Lusk, a transgender woman who is suing the Minnesota Department of Corrections over her treatment while in prison, has reached a settlement that includes transfer to the women-only Shakopee State Prison and access to health care that states the genre. Lusk has fought for these rights since she was incarcerated in 2019 and filed … Read more