Everything to know about Hollywood Ozempic’s skinny jab

Today - TOD - Chelsea Handler is touring Australia for her stand up shows, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

Ozempic, branded Hollywood skinny jab, continues to make headlines as celebrities and influencers admit to using the wildly popular drug for weight loss. While weight-loss drugs aren’t new, semaglutide has begun to gain attention over the past year, as demand soared and resulted in a global shortage. Semaglutide is labeled as two separate drugs Ozempic … Read more

Space Force Takes a Holistic Approach to Fitness | Federal News Network

Space Force Takes a Holistic Approach to Fitness |  Federal News Network

The Space Force wants potential recruits to know that they don’t have to be strength and fitness models to be Guardians, they just need a healthy lifestyle. A new fitness tracking program offers guardians an alternative to traditional military fitness tests. The need for brains rather than brawn drives the calculus behind the fitness program. … Read more

Bipolar diagnosis takes 12 years in Wales – study – BBC News

Bipolar diagnosis takes 12 years in Wales - study - BBC News

By Matt Murray BBC Wales News 6 hours ago Image caption, Model Sarah De Garnham said receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder reassured her that she ‘wasn’t going crazy’ Thousands of people in Wales have waited nearly 12 years for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, according to the Bipolar Commission in Wales. The Bipolar Commission … Read more

Say No to This Viral Avocado Preservation Trend | health news

Say no to this viral avocado preservation trend

Avocados have become a staple in many households due to their delicious taste and numerous health benefits. Avocado toast? Yes please. Homemade guac for #TacoTuesday? Don’t say anything more. However, it can be frustrating when you buy a batch of avocados only to watch them spoil before you can enjoy them. And TikTok users have … Read more

Medicare will pay for Alzheimer’s treatments

Medicare will pay for Alzheimer's treatments

Medicare will pay for fully approved Alzheimer’s disease therapies for patients whose doctors submit data about their treatment to a national registry, the agency that oversees the program said Thursday. The decision is in line with previous guidance from the agency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. And while CMS framed its plan as … Read more

Fourth health insurance company to leave Colorado

Fourth health insurance company to leave Colorado

Friday Health Plans will become the fourth health insurance company to withdraw from the Colorado market in the past year, according to a Thursday announcement from the Colorado Division of Insurance. Friday’s departure is added to Humana, which involved around 155,000 subscribers; Bright Health, which covered approximately 30,000 members; and, Oscar Health, which covered 3,800 … Read more