Bay Area nurses seek healing through dance and storytelling

Bay Area nurses seek healing through dance and storytelling

While nurses are often cast as heroes in movies and television shows, the tragedies they endure on the job are rarely resolved with precision when their shifts end. And unlike the protagonists found in popular dramas, it can be difficult for these frontline workers to find emotional release after a devastating day in the hospital. … Read more

Women have been urged to seek out alternative HRT drugs as pharmacists warn of shortages

Stocks of popular HRT pills like Utrogestan, pictured, are running low leading the government to implement the Severe Shortage Protocol which limits pharmacists to prescribing no more than two months worth of capsules

Women who are unable to get their usual hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to shortage shouldn’t worry about switching to products that aren’t in short supply, top menopause doctors advised. Demand for a HRT drug, Utrogestan 100 mg, has doubled in the past 12 months and increased fivefold since March 2021, according to manufacturer Besins. … Read more

As suicides rise in southeast Minnesota, mental health specialists seek to promote a message of hope

A smiling woman.

ROCHESTER Before becoming a suicide prevention coordinator, Josh Jensen was a teenager who struggled with depression, feelings of hopelessness, and traumatic conditions that he now helps others struggle through as a mobile crisis supervisor. As a child, Jensen was raised in a tumultuous home by a mother who suffered a head injury in her teens. … Read more