The Bedford County duo were contracted to deliver drugs that led to a fatal overdose

HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) Facebook conversations led police to charge a couple over a fatal overdose by a Huntingdon County man.

Tyler Fix, 33, and Victoria Corle, 37, both of Bedford, are behind bars for drug delivery offenses resulting in a death charge for allegedly delivering drugs to 31-year-old Dalton Price leading to his death.

On January 14, Pennsylvania State Police were contacted by a relative of Price’s, reporting that they had found the victim dead in her bedroom at a house along Croghan Pike. Police arrived and investigated the scene and confirmed the victim’s death, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

A search and autopsy were completed the following day, showing that Price had a clear plastic zip-lock bag and a folded piece of paper in the back of one of his pockets, according to the criminal complaint. Soldiers said both items contained a white residue. The police took these items as evidence.

Autopsy results showed Price had died of a drug overdose from fentanyl and showed he had fentanyl, norfentantyl, and xylazine in his system.

Xylazine is a narcotic tranquilizer for large animals that has been part of a growing trend in its use. For more information on xylazine, also known as Tranq or the zombie drug, click here.

On January 17, police began searching for Price’s whereabouts of the drugs, receiving a search warrant for his Facebook account. According to court documents, police found conversations between Price and Fix, with the last drug-related conversation occurring on January 13.

The messages show Price getting 2 20s from Fix and the two set a time to meet, according to the police report.

There are two other conversations that showed drug-related conversations between Corle, who police say is in a relationship with Fix, according to court documents.

Police continued to investigate by collecting warrants for Fix and Corles’ Facebook accounts and also submitting the white matter items for analysis. Police noted in the complaint that they found multiple drug-related conversations that Fix and Corcle engaged in, including those with Price.

Analysis of the substance also came back showing the zip lock bag found in the price pocket contained fentanyl, police noted in the complaint.

On May 31, soldiers met with Fix at the Bedford County Jail to question him about conversations between him and Price. Fix allegedly told police that he and Corle had been selling narcotics in the Fulton County area outside Johnny’s Hotel, according to the criminal complaint. Fix continued and said he didn’t know what kind of drug he was selling since he allegedly bought scramble capsules from Baltimore, Maryland.

Fix also allegedly admitted to police that he had sold drugs to Price in the past, according to the criminal complaint.

The same day police attempted to talk to Corle, who was also in the Bedford County Jail. He told police he had conversations with Price but said he had never met him in person and would not answer any more questions.

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The two are both behind bars now in the Huntingdon County Jail after failing to post $500,000 bail respectively. Both are charged with felony drug delivery resulting in death, delivery of manufacturing or possession with intent to sell, and felony use of a communications facility along with another drug-related felony.

Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 14.

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