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YouTuber, entrepreneur Ankur WarikooHer tweet about her massive weight loss 10 years ago may have inspired her fans and followers, but doctors and health experts have claimed it as misleading.
In a series of tweets on Monday, Ankur shared how he lost weight from 88 kilos to 69 in August 2013. He also shared details of his recent weight loss plan following which he had lost 8 kg.
In her tweets, Ankur says that for her recent weight loss, in which she dropped 8kg and 4 inches off her waist, she has been eating a high protein diet and doing intermittent fasting.
“As a vegetarian, who doesn’t really like eggs, I realized that my diet was high in carbohydrates and low in protein. I changed the order. Today my diet includes lots of paneer, nuts, lentils, quinoa , peanut butter, along with a daily dose of whey protein,” he tweeted.
On intermittent fasting, he says, he increased his fasting period from 15 hours to 18 hours. “For the past 8 years I have been doing a 15 hour fast (last meal 6.30pm, next meal 9.30am – 3 meals a day). I have changed this to an 18 hour fast (last meal 5pm , next meal at 11:00 – 2 meals a day).No loss of energy, no hunger pangs and a feeling of unreal lightness,” he tweeted.
Consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol can put you at risk; competence
During the 6-hour eating window, Ankur says she consumes around 1500 calories. “It’s crazy how adaptable our bodies are. The first week was tough. But never a day after. I could have eaten a large domino’s pizza before. Now 1 slice (if at all) and I’m full!” he says of the input. caloric.
Although his lifestyle habits were appreciated, netizens questioned his choice to share the supplements which he said were recommended by his fitness instructor.
In the tweets, Ankur shared e-commerce links of the supplements he had used for weight loss. “These are affiliate links from Amazon. If you shop by clicking on these links, I earn affiliate income. 100% of that income goes to sponsor the education of children who can’t afford it. In 2022, 123 children were helped with a contribution of 54L,” he tweeted.
Whey protein, omega 3, vitamin D3, ashwagandha, curcumin, vitamin B and creatine ecommerce affiliate links have been shared by the entrepreneur.
Ankur’s claims have been rebuked by several netizens; a detailed tweet from Dr. Abby Philips, whose Twitter account switches from “TheLiverDoc” got everyone’s attention.
The hepatologist tweeted about the supplements Ankur shared.
In a lengthy tweet, Dr. Philips shared information about common supplements used for weight management that were shared by Ankur. Whey protein is for athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders, people with chronic liver and kidney disease, says Dr. Philips in his tweet.
“Omega 3 supplements are only useful in people with high triglyceride levels and for lowering high non-HDL levels. Creatine is only for increasing muscle mass and improving endurance (since creatine is a source of energy) . A major side effect is weight gain because it absorbs water into tissue. It’s not for everyone and it’s only for serious/professional bodybuilders,” he says in his tweets. Some of the supplements (Ashwagandha and Curcumin) are highly toxic to the liver in risk groups and cause dose-independent liver damage even in healthy people,” she says in another tweet.
Several netizens have questioned the clinical evidence of using these supplements.
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